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All storage units constructed from Trespa Athlon to client’s design. Trespa is impervious to water and unaffected by detergents, disinfectants and organic solvents. It is an ideal material for areas where intensive cleaning is regularly carried out such as clean rooms.

Trespa TopLabPLUS is manufactured using a process (including EBC technology) that Trespa International BV has developed and patented. Trespa TopLabPLUS is a self-supporting flat panel with a cellulose fibre reinforced phenolic resin core. Each panel has an integrated, decorative surface based on pigmented, electron beam cured resins which are resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, and easy to clean and maintain.

Mobile or suspended units can used with steel frame work or floor mounted with floor covering coved on to plinth. The advantages of adopting of Trespa IPS Panel system include;

  • Cupboards manufactured from Trespa Solid Grade Laminate
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Impervious to water ingress and all common cleaning products

We provide three main product lines, that are are developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications and combine basic requirements like high durability and long-lasting hygiene with an attractive and timeless palette of inspiring colours. 

Our range of Trespa IPS Panel System are applied to the following situations with industry leading innovation to meet all clinical requirements.

We use Trespa for environments where hygiene, avoidance of contamination, sustainability, ergonomics and safety are of importance.

  • Manufactured with Trespa’s in-house developed EBC-technology.
  • Ideal for chemical, physical and analytical laboratories.
  • Easy to clean and excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • Does not support bacterial growth.

We use Trespa for vertical applications in functional and laboratory environments.

  • Ideal for wall lining, special covering for modular elements, lining of fume hoods and splash backs.
  • Easy to clean and excellent resistance to most aggressive chemicals and cleaning agents.
  • Does not support bacterial growth.

It is particularly relevant for educational, laboratory and institutional applications where impact resistance is of great importance whereas chemical resistance is not critical.

  • Ideal for worktops and cabinetry where severe use and frequent cleaning is expected.
  • Excellent impact resistance.
  • Not adversely affected by moisture.

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